Volcanic Rock Dust

Volcanic Rock Dust

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{Description}Containing two thirds of all non-synthetic minerals, Remin's volcanic rock dust is the natural method of adding essential trace elements to soil. The volcanic rock dust benefits include increased resistance to pests and drought, higher yields and tastier crops. The volcanic rock dust can be applied all year round except in very windy or frosty conditions. This product is perfect for those wanting a completely natural and organic way to grow crops.

Earthworms will draw the rock dust into the soil which will help release the minerals into the soil. This makes the volcanic rock dust perfect for wormeries to add additional nutrients to compost making process.

{How to Use}
For Wormeries: Sprinkle small handful per 30cm² (1ft²) onto surface of your wormery every month. Try a small area with this amount and see the worms congregate.

For Top Dressing: Spread at any time of year unless frozen or windy conditions. Recommended per annum: 0.5kg / m²(good handful / square yard) = 2tonnes / acre Booster: 2kg / m² = 8tonnes / acre.

For Plant Pots, Tubs & Baskets: Sprinkle level tablespoonful onto 15cm (6inch) surface diameter of compost or soil and water in as usual. Two applications per year.

For use as a Compost Activator and Accelerator: Each time you add a new layer of compost to your compost bin or pile, add a light covering over the surface that you can easily see through. Speeds up the break down and reaches higher temperatures and reduces odours.

{More Information}
Clay Soil: The principle function of the rock dust is that the minerals in it boost the living organisms of the soil ie everything from the bacteria to the worms. These will be struggling in sticky clay soil as it has the normal breathing pores will be full of water / sticky clay particles. Once the boosted soil organisms get going they will help drag humus into the clay area and break it up.

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