Bulk Veggiemesh Insect Netting Rolls 100m Long

Bulk Veggiemesh Insect Netting Rolls 100m Long

Ref: InsectNet

{Description}Cover your vegetables and fruit with our high quality Veggiemesh insect netting which will protect them from a wide range of insect pests, birds, rabbits and weather.

All these sizes of Veggiemesh come on a 100m roll which makes is much easier to cover large areas.

Here are some of the insect pests that Veggiemesh will keep out: Cabbage Root Fly, Carrot Fly, Cabbage White Butterfly, Birds, Rabbits, Pea Moth, Leek Moth, Cutworm, Onion Fly, Leaf Miners and many species of aphids.

Vegetables can be covered all year round from planting right up to harvest. Lay flat over your crops allowing enough slack for your crops to grow and then bury the edges or secure with pegs ensuring there are no gaps.

Do not cover plants during flowering if they depend on pollination by bees.

Want a smaller quantity? Veggiemesh Packs

Please Note: Rolls from 2.6 and wider are folded on the roll

The weight of Veggiemesh is around 60-65gms/sq.m, the light permeability is 90% and the air-permeability is 95%.

The colour of the netting is white however once laid it becomes almost transparent.

Mesh Size: 1.35mm

Material: UV-stabilised HDPE(high density polyethylene), monofilament.

Please bear in mind that the netting is folded before it is put onto the roll

{Roll Sizes}
Roll Size / Length of Roll / Diameter

1.8m x 100m - 1.8m - 0.21m
2.1m x 100m - 2.1m - 0.23m
2.6m x 100m - 1.3m - 0.32m
3.6m x 100m - 1.8m - 0.35m
4.2m x 100m - 2.3m - 0.36m