Soaker Hose 50m

Soaker Hose 50m

Ref: SH003

39.16 (Exc vat  )

{Description}Our soaker hose leaky hose pipe is a low pressure, porous hosepipe which will drastically reduce wastage of water by seeping small but constant amounts into the soil.

The soaker hose will effortlessly, economically and effectively deliver water to lawns, fields, allotment beds and vegetable patches etc.

The hose can be connected to a water butt or attached to the main water supply to provide continuous watering. The hose can either be led on the surface or it can be permanently buried under the grass or soil for complete undercover watering.

Its versatility allows it to be used in many areas.

Expect to water soil up to 50cm either side of the porous soaker hose pipe, which is best laid in loops to ensure even courage.

Length 50m