Black Modular Garden Hoops
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Black Modular Garden Hoops

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{Description}These black hoop rods are 90cm long and 10mm in diameter. Made from black PVC they are flexible and durable, ideal for creating your own tunnels; which you can cover with fleece during the winter and netting during the warmer months.

When you connect 2 of the rods together using a connector this will create a hoop, that once erected will be 1.2m (4ft) wide and will stand at approximately 600mm (2ft) high.

They can go as narrow as 75cm wide which will increase the height of the hoop. You can also use one of the rods to create a support bar between hoops.

For extra stability we would recommend the addition of anchors to provide extra support especially in areas where the soil is sandy.
To create a hoop, you will need 2 rods and a joiner. Please be aware that these are sold individually.

Minimum width requirement for fleece and netting 1.8m.

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