Insect Barrier Glue

Insect Barrier Glue

  • Ref: IBG

12 (91.99)

{Description}Our insect barrier glue acts as a deterrent to a wide range of insects. The Insects will normally probe the glue with their antennae and turn away. It is most effective on a vertical surface. The insect barrier glue can be used to coat pots, benches and support poles. If it is applied to a band of PVC tape it is easier to remove.
For protecting trees, it may be applied directly to mature bark. If the bark is immature, apply to a band of PVC tape.
This can be used to isolate outside areas by erecting a low polythene fence with a band of glue on the outside.

The insect barrier glue requires a standard mastic gun (NOT SUPPLIED) and will create approximately 20 metres of glue band per tube.

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