Carrot Fence Netting

Carrot Fence Netting

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1 Roll (291.66 Excluding VAT)
2 Rolls (554.15 Excluding VAT)
3 Rolls (787.48 Excluding VAT)

{Description}Our carrot fence netting can help you create the perfect barrier against carrot root fly and other pests.
The carrot fence netting has an even smaller mesh size than our ultrafine Veggiemesh, helping keep the aroma which attracts the fly to a very low level. The netting is most effective when used as a fence/cage netting. This is due to the carrot fly being unable to fly high over this barrier so it will significantly reduce the pests.

The width of our Carrot Fence Netting is 1m.
Mesh Size: 0.27mm x 0.88mm
Roll Size / Length of Roll / Diameter
1m x 200m - 1m - 0.30m

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