Strawberry Mats

Strawberry Mats

Ref: Strawberry Mats

Our strawberry mats are specially designed with impregnated copper to stop slugs and snails. They also benefit from retaining moisture and help supress weed keeping your fruit clean. The mats pop onto strawberry plants easily and are reusable for several years.
Can be used to protect other susceptible plants including hostas, patio plants, lettuce and vegetables.

{How To Use}

Lay dark side facing upwards
Ensure the following when laying down the fabric:
Slugs and snails are removed from plants to be protected
Plants in pots - remove any slugs or snails within the pot. They are usually found in clumps near to the edge of pots.
Do not allow plant leaves to hang over the edge of the fabric as slugs and snails could move onto the plant without going onto the fabric
Remove any debris including soil & leaves, as this reduces its effect as a barrier

If using with potted plants place underneath the pot and ensure there is a 10-15cm (4-6inches) barrier around the pot.

Small: 27cm diam. (11")
Standard: 38cm diam. (15")