Thermacrop 250m Roll
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Thermacrop 250m Roll

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{Description}Thermacrop works in the same way horticultural fleece however it is a stronger, easier to handle, longer lasting fabric. Thermacrop is made from woven strips of a very soft polyethylene and if treated well it has a life expectancy of 5 years.

Just use the Thermarop like fleece and it will protect your crops down to -2/-3 degrees celcius. Once the Thermacrop is laid over the crops the additional warmth encourage the growth of seeds and young plants. Themacrop has a soft feel to the touch.

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{How to Use}
Cover your crops immediately after planting and secure on all sides. Allow some slack for your crops to grow.

Crops should not remain covered for more than six to eight weeks. Potatoes may be covered until the danger of frost has passed. However melons and courgettes can be covered for longer periods as they like a more humind environment.

To avoid your plants suffering "shock", remove Thermacrop during mild conditions(avoid bright sunshine and low tempretures).

Remove during flowering if crops depend on pollination by bees

Roll Size / Length of Roll / Diameter

2m x 250m - 1m Length - 0.30m Diameter
4m x 250m - 2m Length - 0.32m Diameter

Please bare in mind that the Thermacrop is folded before it is put onto the roll so may seem like a smaller width at first glance. Thermacrop can be cut with scissors.