Soft Butterfly Netting  Rolls 100m Long
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Soft Butterfly Netting Rolls 100m Long

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{Description}Our soft butterfly netting is available in black or green, it is one of the only soft netting fabrics on the market. This will give your crops the protection they need against cabbage white butterflies and other pests. This netting has proven to be extremely popular due to its flexibility and how easy it is to handle.

Our soft butterfly netting will also protect pond areas from debris and herons. It's light enough to be used directly over crops without the need for support but is also strong enough to be used to cover frames, cages or cloches.

If you are growing crops that need pollinating, remove this netting during flowering.

To buy small packs of soft butterfly netting click here for your garden or allotment.

Mesh size: 5mm x 7mm
Black Braided Netting
Please bear in mind that the netting is folded before it is put onto the roll
Roll Size / Length of Roll / Diameter
2m x 100m - 2m - 0.20m
4m x 100m - 4m - 0.25m
6m x 100m - 6m - 0.30m