Citrox Professional Disinfectant

Citrox Professional Disinfectant

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{Description}Citrox Professional is a completely organic product which is used to clean and disinfect many things. The most popular uses are for greenhouses, staging, tools, pots, seed trays, capillary matting, bird tables and sand beds. Citrox is a completely safe, odourless, powerful disinfectant based on extracts of citrus fruit. Highly effective against a wide variety of bacterial and fungal diseases.

As Citrox doesn't harm plant material it is not neccessary to remove plants from the greenhouse or area when cleaning. It can also be used to disinfect the water used to wash cuttings, bulbs, corms etc. When used as directed, Citrox should not harm insect predators used for biological control.

Pots, trays and small tools should be completely immersed in a dilute solution for at least 10 minutes. Capillary matting and sand beds should be thoroughly drenched with the dilute solution once a month.

One bottle of Citrox Professional contains 1 Litre. This will dilute to 150 Litres

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