Apple Sawfly Traps
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Apple Sawfly Traps

Ref: ASFTrap
500 or 1000

{Description}These apple sawfly traps are a simple and effective way to monitor and trap sawfly. By monitoring the adult sawfly this will allow you to accurately detect the pest population which will in turn give you accurate timing of when to apply pest control.
The sawfly is around 4mm-5mm long with the thorax and head being blackish/brown in colour. The Sawfly lay egg at the base of the flowers of plums and apples which after petal fall hatch into larvae and bore into the core of the fruitlets. This will cause damage to the fruit and cause them to drop in early summer.

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{How To Use}
Simply remove the protective cover paper from the trap and hang them from trees. Allow one trap per tree.

Best applied from early April until June.

Each trap is 22cm high and 10cm wide
Double sided sticky traps
The traps will last for several months but it is recommened to replace the traps if over half the surface area is covered in sawfly and dust.