Biodegradable Wood Fibre Pots

Biodegradable Wood Fibre Pots

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Pot Size

{Description}Organic, peat free and biodegradable these wood fibre pots are the simple and easy way to grow healthier plants. As they are biodegradable you can plant the pot straight into the soil which will avoid any root disturbance.
Once you have planted the seeds or plant of your choice, moisten the pots and contents using a fine sprinkling rose. It is also recommended too try and keep the pot damp but no wet as this allows easy root penetration.
When it comes time to plant out your pots please ensure that the whole pot is below soil level and is kept moist for the first few days
These fibre pots come in 2 sizes:
8cm diameter x 8 cm deep pots
6cm diameter x 6cm deep pots
The easiest way to separate is to twist the stack to loosen the pots or roll on a flat surface.

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