Green Tunnel Hoops
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Green Tunnel Hoops

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{Description}Our flexible green cloche hoops are 1.8m (6ft) long green pvc rods. Once bent they are perfect to create cloche tunnels for protecting your crops. Each green hoop rod comes complete with 2 anchors which help with stability especially in sandy soils. You can then cover with netting or fleece to create the perfect growing environment for your crops.

Use the hoops all year round with fleece or Thermacrop for winter protections followed by your choice of netting in the warmer months.

If the hoops are erected 1.2m (4ft) wide they will stand approx. 600mm (2ft) high. it is recommended that the hoops should be spaces between around 1m apart.

Minimum fabric width for creating tunnels/cloches = 1.8m (6ft).
The flexible green cloche hoops can bent to as narrow as 75cm in width which will increase the height.