Aluminium Hoops
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Aluminium Hoops

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{Description}Aluminium Hoops are ideal for creating tunnels to ensure your crops are properly protected. We offer five options to fit your crop protection needs. All of hoops can provide year-round protection for your crops. Cover the hoops with fleece for protection against winter cold and then change over to netting for protection against birds and insects.

All packs of hoops come with clips so you are able to attach fleece/netting. If you would like a smaller quantity of aluminium garden hoops click here

The sizes we offer are:

Small Semi-Circular Hoops - Erected Size - 1.15m wide 600mm high (Approx. 3ft 9 inches x 2ft)

Large Semi-Circular Hoops - Erected Size - 1.52m wide 800mm high (Approx. 5ft x 2ft 7 inches)

Small High-Top Hoops - Erected Size - 800mm wide 660mm high (Approx. 2ft 6inches x 2ft 2 inches)

Large High-Top Hoops - Erected Size 1.1m wide 870mm high (Approx. 3ft 6inches x 2ft 8inches)

Square Hoops - Erected Size - 1.2m wide 750mm high (Approx. 4ft x 2ft 1 inch)

The erected size will be the actual size of the hoops in use, so we have taken into account pushing the hoops into the ground.