Raspberry Beetle Trap and Refills

Raspberry Beetle Trap and Refills

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{Description}The raspberry beetle (Byturus tomentosus) is a very common pest for berry growers. This raspberry beetle trap will significantly reduce the pests around your crops minimising damage.
They raspberry beetle tends to cause most damage to raspberries however it will also affect blackberries and loganberries.
The adult beetle is inconspicuous measuring about 4mm in length and dark brown in colour. It will overwinter in the soil, emerging from April to early June and feeds on the leaves, flower buds and pollen of the plant. It will they lay up to 120 eggs in individual flowers. On hatching the larvae feed inside the developing fruit and are often found in the raspberries at picking.

The raspberry beetle trap allows you to detect early signs of the beetle with its funnel trap design to catch and kill adult beetles as they emerge form the soil in the spring. The mixture of the off-white vanes and floral attractant lure act like a 'super raspberry flower' that is irresistible to the beetles and draws them into the trap, permanently removing them from your crops.

Place 1m above ground 4-6 weeks before the first flowering during April to July. 1 replacement lure required every normal raspberry season (6 weeks) however if you are growing later flowering hybrid berries e.g. loganberries or autumn fruiting raspberries, a second replacement lure would be required.

Each trap comes with one lure which will protect 50sqm
You can then buy additional lures for the following season and the traps are reusable.