17g Fleece 1.6 x 250m x 1

17g Fleece 1.6 x 250m x 1

  • Ref: EF17250

61.66 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

{Description}17g Horticultural Fleece is our standard fleece frost protection which will enable you to protect your crops from frost damage and will protect down to -2/-3°c. An easy and effective way to protect early crops and tender plants against the elements, insect pests and damage caused by small birds. Water, light and air can pass through this horticultural fleece meaning you do not have to lift the fleece to water.

{How to Use}
If using on vegetables and crops, cover the crop immediately after sowing or planting and secure the fleece on all sides.
If using on tender plants or shrubs, these should be loosely wrapped and secured with string if a frost is forecast. It is preferable to use Fleece 30g for this purpose for added insulation.
If using in the greenhouse, loosely drap the material over sensitive plants if there is a risk of frost. If the frost forcast is severe a double layer may be used.
If using on seed trays and cutting these can be covered continously which will help to prevent moisture loss and aid propagation.
If reseeding lawns cover with the fleece immediatley after sowing. this will protect against small birds and conserves moisture, giving a more even and quicker germination.

Crops should not remain covered for more than six to eight weeks. Potatoes may be covered until the danger of frost has passed. If the crops depend on insects for pollination it should be removed during flowering. Cucumbers, melons and courgettes will benefit from long term covering with fleece as they appreciate a more humid environment. When the fleece is removed the plants may suffer 'shock'. To minimise this, remove the cover only during mild conditions, not during periods of bright sunlight or low temperatures.

{Sizes & Aftercare}
Please note that some of the fleece is folded prior to being put onto the roll

All our 17g Fleece Rolls are 1.6m wide so all you have to do is pick the number of rolls that you require.

The fleece may be washed at a low temperature using a mild detergent.

If you require a higher protection please check out our 30g fleece page.

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